Training, Hilo, Hawai'i, 2005

Training, Hilo, Hawai’i, 2005


I spend about one-quarter of my time teaching at universities in Australia and overseas.


I offer courses in housing design, evaluation, community engagement, design of public spaces and parks, social research methods, community visioning, environmental ethics, professional ethics. … a huge range of topics that reflect my interests, education and experience.


For five years until 2012, I taught the Professional Ethics for Planners course for the Planning Institute of Australia for Certified Practicing Planner (CPP) certification.


In 2012, I rewrote the syllabus for the ethics course.

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Harvard Graduate School of Design

In February 2013, I taught at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, in an Urban Planning Studio for first-year postgraduate planning students.


I delivered five lectures and assisted in studio tutoring for a class that met for eigt hours per week..


Graduate School of Design, Gund Hall, Harvard University

Graduate School of Design, Gund Hall, Harvard University

Here are links to the lectures:


1. Sarkissian Harvard GSD 7 February 2013 Community engagement basics_online

2. Sarkissian Harvard GSD Eagleby_2013_final

3. Sarkissian Harvard GSD SpeakOut 120213_FINAL_online

4. Sarkissian Harvard GSD Learning styles online_2013F

5. Sarkissian_Harvard GSD Have Your Say Day 190213_screen



Plan Downtown Malden Cover






Here is a link to the report the students prepared: Harvard_GSD_Urban_Planning_ Core_Studio_Final_Malden_Report_2013_sml2