Genuine Winter

Genuine Winter: Boston February 2013








Please click on the link below to download my 2013 Winter Social Planning Offer.


It describes all the training, workshops and lectures I am offering   from August to November 2013 at a greatly discounted rate.






I’m inspired by my recent training and lecturing at Harvard, MIT, the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre (Adelaide) and presentations at Parliament House in Sydney for the Better Planning Network.


As I celebrate thirty-two years of operating my business, I find a great hunger among developers and people at all levels of government for wise, experienced specialist advice on social planning issues.


Over the next three months until 13 November (when I begin an overseas speaking tour), I am offering my social planning services at a discounted rate   of $1750 per day plus GST.




  1. Master classes in community engagement theory and practice: a chance for staff, management, consultants and, where appropriate, elected members and community members, to learn where the frontiers of community engagement are, what the big conversations are about, which engagement models people are using and to build their capacity generally.


  1. Training in community visioning using the “Heartstorming” model I have developed: Using processes of guided visualisation and active imagination (with case studies of real projects in Australia) offers participants opportunities to explore the theories behind creative community visioning and to practice with the processes that work best with communities and in corporate settings.


  1. Evaluation of existing community engagement programs and/or processes offered by your organisation: Using both formative (as we go) and summative (at the end) approaches to evaluation, including participant-led evaluation, work through the challenges of an engagement process to see which aspects might be improved and which were successful according to your criteria. Can lead to development of guidelines for future engagement processes.


  1. Training in the SpeakOut model of community engagement (based on my 2009 book on that subject): This hands-on, interactive engagement model was developed in Adelaide in 1990 and has been used widely in this country and overseas. Learn exactly what a SpeakOut is, its strengths and features and practice on a case study relevant to your locality or area of interest. Detailed manuals are available to assist in SpeakOut training, based on the award-winning book.


  1. Housing density: what works and what doesn’t work:   A chance to reflect on evidence-based post-occupancy studies of resident satisfaction conducted in high-density and medium-density housing in a range of settings. These finding can yield user-based guidelines for higher density housing projects.


  1. The design of public and on-site open spaces in neighbourhoods with medium-density and higher density housing: Understanding the needs of specific user groups and current evidence-based research on public open space can yield insights for local open spaces and provide material for user-based guidelines for future ones.


  1. Keynote addresses, lectures and workshops on a variety of social planning, community engagement and planning issues such as:


    • Community visioning
    • Dealing with emotion in community engagement
    • Leading practice community engagement
    • Creativity in community engagement
    • NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) responses: how to design and implement community engagement and planning approaches that are effective.


Because of my wide experience in social planning, I am able to tailor a presentation, keynote address, or lecture to meet the needs of your colleagues and audiences on a wide variety of topics.



  1. Other topics of your choice.   See for suggestions the link below:



I am offering these services at a discounted daily rate of $1750 plus GST.



I have easy access to four airports. Clients on the East Coast would incur no travel costs and I would offer substantial travel discounts to clients in other (more distant) Australian centres.


Detailed Proposals

If you are interested in retaining me, I would provide more detailed descriptions of the proposed services, schedule and budget as part of finalizing an agreement.



If these topics meet your current training and staff development objectives, please contact me on 0402 966 284 or at [email protected]


Winter in the sub-tropics is not exactly Winter.

 But it’s a chance to offer a really great discount.


Boston February 2013 Brrr!!!

Boston February 2013  Brrr!!!










Our Winter Garden August 2013

Our Winter Garden August 2013