My friend, Andrew ‘Wilf’ Wilford

Andrew ‘Wilf’ Wilford


It’s unmaginable that the beautiful and indefatigable Wilf has died.


He was only 48, yet he had made such a huge difference to the world in his life.


We will bury Wilf tomorrow.


But he lives forever in our hearts and minds.


And our stories of his commitment and his passion will grow and grow.


I know him as an activist, a committed friend, and a co-conspirator.


What I value most are his empathy, his wild mind and his constant curiosity.


It has been said that the good die young. In the past year two dear friends, much younger than I am, have passed away. Maybe there’s a place where they are gathering — all the wild minds – to guide us into the uncharted waters that lie ahead.


I find it hard to imagine activism in Australia with Wilf.




We all send our deepest love and support to Rosey and to the other members of Wilf’s family.


It must have been very hard to share him with so many of us for so many years.


Hopefully, our deep appreciation of the fine quality of his deep love for ALL life will help a little bit to sustain you.


Blessing and vale, our beloved Wilf!


Wendy Sarkissian