Bringing Planning to Life

I bring planning to life with experience in planning, design, and environmental studies.

Educated in Arts, literature, town planning and environmental ethics, I am a retired planner, facilitator, and consultant, who worked primarily in planning and development in Australia and overseas. Now I am a full-time activist, ethicist, and author.

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On this website, you will find information about the following:

1. NIMBY psychology:

2. My publications, including films, radio and videos:

3. My PhD thesis on an ethic of caring for Nature:

4. Advice on thesis editing and coaching:

5. My blog:

Free resources: bringing planning to life

You can also access a wide range of free resources, including my two very popular manuals for community engagement:

Based on the SpeakOut book, this is the ultimate checklist for designing, planning and managing SpeakOuts and community workshops.

Based on years of experience, this manual grew out of our office training materials and provides specific guidance for facilitators, recorders, and listeners in SpeakOuts and community meetings and workshops.