Housing Guidelines for High-Density Housing

Working Papers on High-Density Housing, Perth, 2003-2004

These Working Papers comprised a set of user-based housing and open space design guidelines for the design of high-density, high-rise housing in Perth.


In 2003, my Brisbane-based firm, Sarkissian Associates Planners, prepared a number of planning and design guidelines for Mirvac Fini in Perth.


Mirvac Fini has given me permission to publish these guidelines.


They aimed to assist in the planning and design of what was then called Burswood Lakes and is now “The Peninsula”: a large development with many high-rise housing towers.


See: https://www.mirvacdevelopment.com/peninsulaburswood/aurora-apartments



Walking circuit





Here are the papers which have been made public. All are drafts. Final reports were not produced.


  1. Working paper 5 CPTED final
  2. Working Paper 6 children in outdoor residential envt
  3. Working Paper 7 Open Space
  4. Working Paper 8 older open space
  5. Working Paper 9 Accessibility for People with a Disability
  6. Working Paper 10 final HD OLDER
  7. Working Paper 11 final HD CHILDREN
  8. Working Paper 12 HEALTHY
  9. Working Paper 13 HOMEWORKING
  10. Working Paper 14 CULTURE final