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Sarkissian, Wendy (2021). Creeksong: One Woman Sings the Climate Blues.

Wendy Sarkissian, Humpty Doo 1992


Forthcoming as an audiobook, ebook, and print book, late 2022.


Wendy Sarkissian (2020). Stay Close: How to Heal from Grief and Keep Connected with One Who Has Died. Napa, California: Fearless Literary. Ebook:



Chapters in Books


Wendy Sarkissian (2010). “’The Beginning of Something’: Using Video as a Tool in Community Engagement,” in Multimedia Explorations in Urban Policy and Planning: Beyond the Flatlands, eds. Leonie Sandercock and Giovanni Attili. Dordrecht: Springer.


Cook, Andrea and Wendy Sarkissian (2000). “Who Cares? Australian Planners and Ethics,” in Patrick Bishop and Noel Preston, eds. Local Government: Public Enterprise and Ethics. Sydney: Federation Press: 112-137.


Egar, Ruth and Wendy Sarkissian (1985). “Reviewing the Australian Suburban Dream: A Unique Approach to Neighbourhood Change with the Family Support Scheme,” in Marilyn Safir et al. eds., Women’s Worlds: From the New Scholarship. New York: Praeger: 270-279.


Sarkissian, Wendy (1989). “Safe as Houses: the Role of Residents and the Community of Users in Environmental Crime Prevention,” in Susan Geason and Paul R. Wilson, eds., Designing Out Crime. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology.


Wendy Sarkissian (1986). “The Vitalizing Challenge of Dissonance” and “How the Students Saw It”, Chapters 9 and 10 in R. Lifchez, ed., Rethinking Architecture: Design Students and Physically Disabled People. Berkeley, California: University of California.





Marcus, Clare Cooper and Wendy Sarkissian (1986). Housing as If People Mattered: Illustrated Site Planning Guidelines for Medium-Density Family Housing. Berkeley: University of California. Awarded Progressive Architecture Citation for Architectural Research, 1992. Translated into Japanese, 1999. Still in print.


Sarkissian, Wendy and Warwick Heine (1978). Social Mix: The Bournville Experience. Birmingham, U.K. and Adelaide: Bournville Village Trust and South Australian Housing Trust.


Book Reviews


Sarkissian, Wendy (2013). “Mixed Communities: Gentrification by Stealth?”, Urban Policy and Research, published online 17 December 2013.


Sarkissian, Wendy (2010). Review of Lasker and Guidry (2009). Engaging the Community in Decision Making, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Volume 30, September.


Articles in Refereed Journals since 1990


Sarkissian, Wendy (2013). “Mixed Communities: Gentrification by Stealth?”, Urban Policy and Research, published online 17 December 2013.


Sarkissian, Wendy (2012). “Heartstorming: Putting the Vision back into Community Visioning with Guided Imagery,” Progressive Planning No. 193, Fall: 19-22.


Sarkissian, Wendy (2007). “Video as a Tool in Community Engagement,” Planning Theory and Practice 8 (1), March: 98-102.


Sarkissian, Wendy (2005). “Stories in a Park: Giving voice to the voiceless in Eagleby, Australia,”

Planning Theory and Practice 6 (1), March: 103-117.


Forsyth, Ann and Wendy Sarkissian (1994). “Housing for Older Australians: Site-Planning Basics,”

Australian Planner 31(3): 177-183.


Sarkissian, Wendy and Monica Sidhu (1993). “Brown Hills Revisited,” and “Vision of a City Where People Matter,” Urban Futures 3 (3).



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Sarkissian, Wendy, Ann Forsyth and Warwick Heine (1990). “Residential Social Mix: The Debate Continues,” Australian Planner, March: 5-16.

Articles in Other Journals

Sarkissian, Wendy (2005) “The Artistry of Community Consultation,” Artwork 63, December: 27-32.


Sarkissian, Wendy with Graeme Dunstan (2003). “Stories in a Park: reducing crime and stigma through community storytelling,” Urban Design Forum Quarterly 64, December.

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Short stories


Sarkissian, Wendy (1978). “Planning as if Women Mattered: The Story of Brown Hills,” Makara, September, 3(3): 9-12.

Reprinted in Wekerle, Gerda R. ed. (1980), Signs 5(3), Supplement: “Women and the American City” (Spring): S188-S214.


Sarkissian, Wendy (1993). “Watching the Fire,” Northern Perspective 16(2), December: 109-115.


Sarkissian, Wendy (1994). “Counting,” Northern Perspective 7(1), August: 40-43.