Book Reviews

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Occasionally I am asked to review books. Below are links to book reviews about planning and community engagement issues.

1. 2013 review of   Bridge, Gary, Butler, Tim and Lees, Loretta (2012). Mixed Communities: Gentrification by Stealth? Bristol: Policy Press. ISBN 978 1 84742 493 8     hardcover, 372 pp.   Review in Urban Policy and Research (2014)32 (1), 17 December: 116-118.

Sarkissian 2013 review Mixed Communities Gentrification by Stealth


2. 2010 book on community engagement by Roz Lasker and John Guidry:  

Sarkissian Lasker Engaging the Community in Decision Making Book Review JPER 2010

3. Review of “Defensible Space” by Oscar Newman:

oscar newman review article jper


4. Review of Planning Wild Cities by Wendy Steele, April 2023:

Amazingly, this book completely ignores any mention of community engagement. Not a single word about any form of community engagement in the whole book. I beggars belief how anyone could plan a “Wild City” (whatever that might be) without consulting anyone.