Films, Videos and Radio by, with and about Wendy Sarkissian

Filming a crime prevention video, Sydney, 1985
Filming a crime prevention video, “Safe as Houses”, Sydney, 1985


For many years, I have been using film and video in my work.


Two published works summarise my views:


Sarkissian, Wendy (2007). “Video as a Tool in Community Engagement,” Planning Theory and Practice 8 (1), March: 98-102.


Sarkissian, Wendy (2010). “‘The Beginning of Something’: Using video as a tool in community engagement” in Multimedia Explorations in Urban Policy and Planning: Beyond the Flatlands, eds. Leonie Sandercock and Giovanni Attili. Dordrecht: Springer.



Below are links to all of my videos and films or those made with or about me.



Many thanks to Steph Vajda of Ferment Collaborate for original help with crunching videos. See:


And much gratitude to Rhys Perrin of Shake Creations for crunching and reformatting the rest of the old videos and putting them into accessible format.


Some are very old but they’re all I have and could be of interest to researchers.


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Here are my videos, most of which are now happily located on


1. Kitchen Table Sustainability: Transform your Community Engagement with Responsibility (2010)

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 5 February 2010. Public lecture.

also at:

Wendy speaking Simon Fraser 2009



2. The Problems with Community Engagement: Film by Steve Hynes, Vancouver, 2010

Wendy Sarkissian and Steve Hynes walk around Granville Island in Vancouver. Steve interviews Wendy about community engagement issues and her distinctive own take on them, while Wendy tries to keep Steve from being run over.

Wendy Sarkissian Steve Hynes video



3. Social Planning with a Green Heart: Film by Linda Blagg, Curtin University, Fremantle, 25 September 2009

Produced by Linda Blagg for CUSP, Curtin University, this video highlights Wendy Sarkissian’s unique approaches to ‘green’ social planning. Based on a lecture at Curtin University in 2009.

Wendy Linda Blagg film



4. Epping North Team Development Workshop for the Urban Land Corporation, 2001 (produced by by Abraham Zuninga)

Chronicles the events of a dramatic and creative team development weekend for the Urban and Regional Land Corporation for the new suburban development of Aurora (called Epping North at the time of the workshop). The workshop was managed by Wendy Sarkissian and Kelvin Walsh with Angela Hirst.

Epping North workshop image









5. A Shocking Story of Environmental Crises by Rhys Perrin, Shake Creations (2013)

Produced by Rhys Perrin of Shake Creations, Melbourne, this short video highlights environmental problems.

Shake creations image









6. Stories in a Park (Eagleby)   (2001) (produced by Abraham Zuninga)

Community-made video documenting the award-winning community cultural development process conducted in Eagleby, Queensland for Queensland Health in 2000.   The process was directed by Wendy Sarkissian and Graeme Dunstan (community artist). Project management was by Rebecca Cotton.


stories in a park image









7. Timbarra: the Beginning of Something (1989)

Made for the Urban Land Authority, Melbourne, this is a summary of an award-winning community engagement event for new neighbours called “A Welcome Home”, which was designed and managed by Wendy Sarkissian, Kevin Taylor, Kelvin Walsh and Graeme Dunstan.

Beginning of something image









8. Talk Any Kine (2006)   (Wiwik Bunjamin-Mau)

A video produced by Indonesian community arts specialist Ms Wiwik Bujamin-Mau about a community engagement process in 2006 in Honolulu’s Chinatown using the SpeakOut model.

Tak Any Kine image









9. Listening to All the Voices (1994)

A video produced as part of the Community Participation in Practice site of publications by the Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy, Murdoch University. Explains common community engagement issues and suggested approaches. Features Wendy Sarkissian and Kelvin Walsh. Now out of print.



Listening to all the voices image









10. ECA, Executive Challenge Academy, Brisbane, June 2012

Sessions in the 2012 Executive Challenge workshop presentations featuring Wendy Sarkissian and Monica Sidhu.



11. The Canning SpeakOut on video, 2012 (produced by Steph Vajda)

Visual representation of a SpeakOut designed for the City of Canning, Perth by Steph Vajda and Wendy Sarkissian, 2011.

Canning speakout video page


12. Interview with Wendy Sarkissian by Helen Oxenham, 1994 (audio)


This interview explores early feminist activities through Wendy’s association with the work of the South Australian Housing Trust and the Christies Beach Women’s Shelter in the 1970s.




13. “Safe as Houses: preventing crime in public housing in New South Wales” (1986)

Filming in Sydney 1985

with Don Perlgut and University of Sydney Department of Architecture

Publisher: Sydney : N.S.W. Dept. of Housing, ©1986.

Edition/Format:  VHS video : PAL color broadcast system : VHS tape    Visual material

English Summary: Identifies major crime problems in public housing and recommends prevention strategies for planning, design, management and participation. Candid interviews with pubic housing tenants, managers and security personell,as well as police. Today we would call this a video about CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design).


14. Wendy Sarkissian, PhD dissertation video (1996): “Beginning Again with Nature”

Beginning again with nature image






This video was made for my PhD. in 1996. It describes the Journey to the Ecological Self.

It suffered a bit in transferring from video to digital. However, if you skip to 6 minutes 30 seconds, the good part starts there.



15. Radio Interviews

ABC Radio Capricornia, with Jacquie Mackay: On behalf of the Blackwater Community Progress Group, Queensland, 2012:


9 August 2012:

20 September 2012:

See also:


ABC Late Night Live 21 October 2003


16. Sarkissian Speaking for the Future (2006)



2006 video documenting the social planning and community engagement services of Wendy Sarkissian and Sarkissian Associates Planners.


 17. The CityPlan Symposium, UBC, Vancouver 12 October 2013

Wendy Sarkissian,   Leonie Sandercock and Rebecca Bateman convened a Symposium at the School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia, to discuss the legacy of Vancouver’s 1990s CityPlan community engagement processes.

The Symposium was keynoted by Dr Ann McAfee. Video by Steve Hynes with Brendan Hurley.