Creative Community Planning: Interview with Graeme Dunstan


Graeme rainbow

Australian community artist and activist, Graeme Dunstan, is a colourful character.


Graeme Dunstan has been driving me crazy for 20 years.


And I know it’s mutual.


If ever I would wander into a bourgeois life, take a straight job or decide to live in suburbia, I could count on Graeme to remind me what’s important. He puts flesh on the bones of his activism in endlessly astonishing ways.



I thank him for introducing me to chicken wire, glue guns, lanterns and `cardboard art’.


His watchful eye has been on me throughout the preparation of this book.


He just wants us to make a difference with it!


My collaboration with him over many decades while he was working as a community artist strongly influenced the philosophy and content of Creative Community Planning.  


In the Preface to the book is an interview with Graeme, contrasted with an interview with my colleague and good friend, Colette Meunier, a statutory planner based in California.


Their contrasting perspectives set the scene for what comes later in this path-breaking book.


To read the Preface to Creative Community Planning , click here:


CCP Preface


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