Creative Community Planning: Table of Contents

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This book aims to inspire. Not every planning book has a poem at the beginning of every section! By a real, published poet!




Graeme’s morning prayer


Foreword by Professor John Forester


Part 1: Traversing the Edge: Introduction

Poem 1

1 Why Traverse the Edge? Creative Underpinnings
2 Practitioners Working at the Edge: Creativity in Practice


Part 2: Inhabiting the Edge: Dreaming, Imagining and Embodiment

Poem 2

3 The Practice of Inhabiting the Edge: Interview with Wendy Sarkissian

4 Community Visioning as Engagement: Why a Conversation is Merited

5 Heartstorming: Putting the Vision Back into Visioning

6 Embodying the Vision: Kinetic Community Engagement Practices


Part 3: Stories from the Edge: Pushing Professional Practice

Poem 3

7 Learning at the Margins: Margo Fryer and Pamela Ponic on Deconstructing Power and Privilege

8 ‘And Action!’ New Roles for Film in Engagement

9 Websites as Engagement Site & Story

10 Creativity and Moving Beyond Conflict: Michelle LeBaron, Norma-Jean McLaren & Nathan Edelson

Part 4: The Growing Edge: Creative Engagement Processes for Children & Young People

Poem 4

11 But They’re Only Kids! Why Engage with Children and Young People?

Part 5: Blurring the Edges: A Call for an Integration of Transformative Processes

Poem 5

12 New Languages for Community Engagement: Translation, Language & Polyphony

13 On the Edge of Utopia: Stories from the Great Turning

Gilt-Edged Resources

Gilt-Edged Resource #1   A Visioning Example: Our Bonyrigg Dream, 14 May 2005

Gilt-Edged Resource #2   The Embodied Affinity Diagram

Gilt-Edged Resource #3   Barefoot Mapping: Learning through the Soles of Our Feet: A Participatory Design Workshop for Youth in Airds, Sydney, New South Wales

Gilt-Edged Resource #4   A Week with a Camera





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