Kitchen Table Conversation Starters















Kitchen Table Conversation Starters are questions you can ask your friends, your family, your neighbours, your local politicians and anyone else who you find at — or can bring to — your kitchen table… including yourself!


We call them ‘starters’ because we are aware that conversations about sustainability must be deep and broad to be effective.


And each of these questions will likely raise many more questions.


The important thing is to begin.


To be part of the conversation:


  • Which topics related to sustainability and your local community are you unclear about?
  • Which information do you need to and how can you get it?
  • Who within your community has the answers to your questions? Or do you need to look further afield?
  • Which forces represent the status quo in your community?
  • What learning would you require to confidently challenge the status quo, where it is unsustainable?
  • What have you learned about sustainability from people who are older or younger than you?
  • Which knowledge, concepts, skills and educational resources would you want to bequeath to your children and/or future generations?
  • Which places in your neighbourhood support opportunities to learn in and from Nature?
  • Are they protected or at risk?
  • How can you enhance and maintain the learning opportunities that these places provide?


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