SpeakOut IAP2 Engagement without Borders, 29 May 2012

SpeakOut IAP2 Engagement without Borders Event in Melbourne, May 2012

Personal, organisational, cultural, demographic or geographic:

engaging with the full spectrum of our communities can be a significant challenge.

SpeakOut IAP2’s Engagement without Borders was an inclusive engagement feast, based on Wendy Sarkissian and Andrea Cook’s SpeakOut model, held at Melbourne’s renowned Abbotsford Convent.

I hosted the day and guided a whole-day SpeakOut! session to help people extend their reach and attract diverse people from all corners of the community to the conversation.

Participants were able to forage and sample the best in innovative and successful community engagement projects and activities drawn from some of the leading lights in inclusive engagement from across Victoria.

For further information, please contact Keith Greaves: [email protected].

This was one of the most brilliant events I have ever attended.

To look over my SpeakOut PowerPoint presentation, click here:

IAP2 SpeakOut presentation Melbourne 29 May 2012_sml2

A Discussion Group at the Successful Event
A Discussion Group at the Highly Successful Event