The original dream for Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet

April 5, 2010 – 3:07 pm

I’m mining the archive!



Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet from Shirley’s house, 1993


The original dream for Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet was very different from the back-biting and suffering we experincce every day on this community. It was a dream with substance and charm. A real dream.


Here’s a photo of the Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet from Shirley’s place (lot 6) in late 1993. An exhausted dairy farm being transformed into a Permaculture Hamlet.


Shirley has been explaining to me how the process worked. That heady mix of dreaming and practical realities.


She’s been explaining what her intentions were, coming here alone as a widow in her early sixties. She was dreaming of community. And support. A place to put down roots and live into her older years. Her own, ecological, architect-designed house.


A place where she (a distinguished fine artist with works already in the National Gallery) could paint and create in peace – embraced and supported by Nature’s beauty and bounty.


Embraced and supported by a community of like-minded people caring for Nature and for each other.


What exciting days those were!


The dream was so inviting; the vision so bright; the intentions so clear.


Promotional material for Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet


Here’s the Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet insert in the Northern Star for late March 1994:


Star Focus on Jarlanbah March 1994


This is the vision we need to revisit.


How can we update the vision and re-align with our current version?


How can we move forward in harmony, cooperation and peace?


I look forward to your comments.


All ideas are welcomed. Contrary views are welcomed and and invited.


Well, children, where there is so much racket there must be something out of kilter”¦. Obliged to you for hearin’ me“¦.