Tribute to Kevin Taylor from David Yencken

Kevin Taylor



Kevin Taylor came to work for Merchant Builders (a housing company that  Johnny Ridge and I had started) when he was a young man.


It was his first job.


He came with a strong personal recommendation from Wendy Sarkissian (then lecturing in Adelaide) who had taught him.


She has reminded me that so good was the thesis she sent me before we employed him that I asked her three times if she had helped to write it.


He more than lived up to her judgement of him.


He was a person of great flair and imagination and from the beginning had a rare ecological awareness. He was  always  interested in different ways of reaching out and working with those for whom projects and designs were being prepared.


His own personal qualities, his commitments, his warmth and friendliness and personal values illuminated his work.


I continued to have irregular contact with him over the years and am greatly saddened by his death.


To  Kate and  his family and to all those at Taylor Cullity Lethlean, I send my deepest condolences.




David Yencken, Melbourne


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