Flight Poem

On 25 May 2013, I flew to Adelaide from the Gold Coast.

I associate Adelaide with hopefulness and opportunity. I was looking forward to basking in the pleasures of old friendships once again.


Twin griefs had distracted me for several months: the death of a dear friend and the loss of a longstanding friendship.


On the flight, I had a magical experience. Here is my poem.



window seat 16A

pale clouds streaming

soft eyes embracing grey, brown land

my wide, brown land

late afternoon forests dark like lakes

and inlets

tiny islands of brown within them

pale edges like beaches


cheek pressed to the window

I measure the land below

it folds itself onto itself

precise as origami

not gentle hill-folds



then it happens:

up floats this massive, folded landscape

and enters my heart

like posting a letter


I raise my hand to touch it

find it already inside




  1. Oh yes! What a wonderful poem, Wendy!

    Reminds me of a time flying back to Adelaide years ago when I had a similar experience… The lights way down below lit up like a dot painting in my heart…

    How the land can live in us…

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