Lessons from a deaf brown chook

It’s always interesting living in the bush!   Our enterprising neighbours have turned their half an acre into a hive of activity. WWOOFERS are everywhere (see https://wwoofinternational.org/). After decades of inaction, the community agriculture lot is thriving.   Karl is preparing his garden for viewing next weekend in a Nimbin House and Garden Tour fundraiser… Continue reading Lessons from a deaf brown chook

Living with a Gypsy

July 5, 2009   Today the Gypsy and I were sorting hardware. Nails and screws.   It’s been a rough week in community engagement and I had to do something else than listen to bureaucrats and aggrieved residents.   I had to get my hands dirty. Get grounded.   Living on a building site generates… Continue reading Living with a Gypsy

Knispering: Are Rats Smarter than Humans?

Jarlanbah Eco-village, Nimbin, NSW, 17 June 2009   Karl in the Shed   The Introduction to Kitchen Table Sustainability starts the book off on a bucolic, if pessimistic, note.   Three of the authors are sitting around the tables on the porch of our shed here in Nimbin and speculating about the future and the… Continue reading Knispering: Are Rats Smarter than Humans?