Housing as if People Mattered 2014 Resource Page

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Sarkissian The Warm Kitchen Illustrated

Sarkissian et al Residential Social Mix the debate continues 1990

Sarkissian 2013 review Mixed Communities Gentrification by Stealth

False Creek North POE Short report

False Creek North POE Compilation Full Report

False Creek North POE Recommendations for Designers and Developers

Open Space in Medium-Density Neighbourhoods web

Older people in residential public open space

Sarkissian PIA How To September 2013 revised_PIA web version

PIA seminar Beaudreau and Sarkissian 2013

Sarkissian Lasker Engaging the Community in Decision Making Book Review JPER 2010

LCCP Issues Paper_2013



Working Paper 6 children in outdoor residential envt

WP7 Open Space Final

W8 older people open space

WP9 Accessibility for People with a Disability

Working Paper 11 final HD CHILDREN

Working Paper 12 HEALTHY

Working Paper 13 HOMEWORKING

WP11 high density children

wp 5 CPTED final

Stories in a Park journal article 2005

Cook and Sarkissian Who Cares

Social factors in the design of urban parks Adelaide University 2010

The restorative power of parks and public spaces what works and doesn’t work 2010

Urban Nature for Everyone The Value of Natural Places in Cities Asia Pacific Cities Summit 2007

A Social Planner thinks about Housing and Density Marion City Council 2010

A social planner thinks about suburban housing UTS 2009

The Social Stigma of High-Rise Development for Property Council of WA 2005

Davidson Spinning wheel article1998

Sarkissian Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies lecture 22 February 2013_revised for web

Sarkissian_Joint Center_22 Feb 2013_FINAL_for website_F

References on Medium-Density Housing Bateman and Sarkissian 2012

Sarkissian Harvard GSD 7 February 2013 Community engagement basics_online

Sarkissian Harvard GSD Eagleby_2013_final

Sarkissian Harvard GSD 7 February 2013 Community engagement basics

STORIES IN A PARK for Urban Design Forum